How do I find my inspiration again? What should I do when I simply don’t feel inspired?

There’s been very few blog posts recently. Reasons? 1. I’m ill. 2. I’m busy at work. 3. I simply don’t feel inspired. I’m not sure why: perhaps the approaching winter or the fact there’s not been much sunshine recently? So I’m wondering, “How do I find my inspiration again?” I can think of three possible ideas – but I’d love to know your thoughts? My three ideas are these:

1. Do nothing. Accept that I don’t feel inspired. Don’t feel guilty that I’m not forging ahead with writing my next book or changing the world or coming up with inspiring ideas for yet another new project. Just relax. Do my job and fill the rest of my time with things I enjoy. The urge to be productive and inspiring will return again soon.

2. Act as if. Act as if I am inspired, even though I don’t feel it. Perhaps the feelings will follow the actions. Look at my to do list, and force myself to do something from it, even though I don’t feel like it. Keep going. Don’t allow myself to waste any time.

3. Do something different. OK, so I don’t feel like writing my book, tweeting, gardening, organising a charity event or writing my blog. So don’t do those things but don’t do nothing. Do something new. Do something I don’t normally do and see if it makes me feel invigorated. Alive. Enthusiastic. And see if I don’t get back that elusive feeling of beinginspired…

What would you do? How do you get back your inspiration?



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